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Image by Efe Kurnaz


The right approach to fitness is vital for success. No matter if your goals are to simply be more active and healthy, or to train to become a prize winning body builder, the mind and body need to be in sync in order to yield positive results. As an ACE certified personal trainer and nationally and internationally ranked bodybuilder for over 30 years, I know what it takes to achieve goals. Working with people from all walks of life and various physiques has taught me that fitness never is a one-size-fits all!

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Everyone has different fitness and health goals, which is why it is vital that each person has their own customized plan to fit their busy lives. We are all about balance and making sustainable decisions when it comes to food and fitness -- Decisions that you will be able to maintain for the long haul. No crash diets and excessive exercise regimens here!  Whether you need in-person support, online meetups, or want to strictly correspond through email, we can tailor a plan to suit YOU.


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